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Introductions, intentions, and interesting things

Well… this is exciting! Welcome to my big corner of positivity. Yes, I agree little corner would probably sound better, and I ummed and ahhed about that, like the perfectionist I am, for a fair bit of time. But i don’t want this to be little. It deserves to be big and so full of good news that it could burst into the big room or big street of positivity (but that really isn’t very catchy). In this world where a lot of really awful, cruel things are happening, it’s easy to forget that sometimes- actually quite a lot of the time- people are good.

So, I want to leave the constant stream of depressing, terrifying news stories behind for a moment. I want create a little world full to the brim with happy, funny, heartwarming stories. I can’t claim to be a journalist, or to have any real experience in researching, but I can scour various newspapers, scroll through social media, and keep an eye out when I’m out and about and bring them here. I’ll post summaries of, and links to, all of the articles I find. There’s more! I intend to try my hand at it too, writing about my own positive or life affirming encounters and yours too, if you wish.

I’ll end my well-intentioned ramble here: If you’re ever thinking about how much bad there there is in the world, I’m hoping you can come here. To what will hopefully be a corner of the internet that restores a bit of balance, with summaries, links and personal stories that can hopefully restore our faith in humanity

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