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Breakthroughs, Breathtaking Sights and Beautiful Moments

Did you see them? On Sunday and Monday night? They were in Shropshire, Liverpool, even Cambridge of all places. If you don't know what I'm talking about or you're reading this years down the line then read on; all will become clear. Like the sky will have been if you saw them...


A new drug has been combined with two other forms of therapy to improve the lives of those with prostate cancer. This amazing discovery, intended for those who have exhausted all options, is proof that there's more than just a spark of hope in the fight against cancer. Not only does the triple therapy help to slow the progression of prostate cancer, it also has the same effect on the areas to which their cancer may have spread. The disease itself primarily affects the older generation, and while many live for ten years after diagnosis, the effect of the medication and chemotherapy that goes into making this happen can leave many exhausted and certainly doesn't make for a continuation of normal life. A man speaking to the MailOnline mentioned how much healthier he feels on this new treatment, with his life being a lot more normal. So, a combination of techniques that can not only slow the development of tumours but also help with leading a happier and more energised life is nothing but great news. The article is well worth the read, both because of the detail on this amazing new technology and the real life story that evidences how this has genuinely improved people's lives.

The next breakthrough is the approval of drug status for the world's first ever cancer vaccine. Manufactured by Moderna and intended to target melanoma, we are one step closer to having this at our fingertips especially after this approval means it could be in use within months. The article notes the 44% reduction in relapse or death when given the combination of the vaccine and an immunotherapy drug, versus being given the drug alone. Even more promisingly, this is only one of multiple cancer vaccines in the works. A breast cancer vaccine that's been in the works for a decade has been getting great results, with women experiencing remission or at least containment after receiving it. The articles below are fascinating, explaining the positive results of these trails as well as how these vaccines actually work. Nothing but admiration and appreciation for the genius and dedication of these brilliant researchers and scientists.

Breathtaking Sights:

The mystery is over, the magical sight seen by many on Sunday the 26th and Monday the 27th of February by many was the Aurora Borealis. Early in the week saw what the Met Office said was a coronal mass ejection combines with a coronal hole high speed stream (that's a tongue twister), and it was that combination that led to the Northern Lights being visible across the UK and even as far down as Cornwall. Read more about it in the links below.

The pilot of an EasyJet flight even diverted slightly, doing a 360 turn in oder to ensure all their passengers could witness the phenomenon. Apparently, they were not the only pilot to treat their passengers in such a way. And it's understandable, since it's certainly not often that we all have the opportunity to see something so naturally stunning and breathtaking. The best part about these articles are obviously the incredible images but also how people describe them. So relatable, so colourful, and so rare for us to see such a thing all the way down to Cornwall.

Beautiful Moments

There are not many ways to explain this one, it can only really have the intended effect by seeing it. Attached is the link to a video of a little boy hearing his parents for the first time. A four year old received his cochlear implant recently, and his family shared a video on TikTok of him hearing their voices for the first time. He and his younger brother both have a syndrome that causes early hearing loss, and through cochlear implants, they have been able to combat it. Not only is he smiling and giggling in the most adorable way throughout the video, possibly the most heartwarming part is that he is hearing his mum and sister tell him they love him. Happy tears anybody? Next up for them is the purchase of implants for his baby brother. Head over to the article to see these sweet little faces for yourself and find out how we can also help them to continue smiling as big the little boy is in this video.

Triple Cancer Therapy

Cancer Vaccines

Aurora Borealis

Four Year-Old Hears Family.

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