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In case you want to know a bit about the mysterious person writing what you're reading, there's this here, About Me page. 

My name is Maddie, I'm a History Graduate who's just made her escape into the big wide world. And it's a bit grim. I mean, it's really grim. At least that's what the news makes you believe. I was thinking about what more there was to say about myself on here that is actually relevant, and to be honest I don't think there really is. I think this about me section should be more about the page- why I'm starting it yadda yadda. 

And the answer is simple. I'm starting it because for once i just want to hear some good news. There's an awful lot of it out there but the amount of digging I had to do to find it was crazy. 

So here, as you can see from my first blog post if you fancy checking that out... is a good news only space. Happy things, funny things, probably some downright weird things. Generally anything that could make us smile, because I'm sure a lot of people are ready for some good news just like I am.

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